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'Reign' Recap: Protecting Bash and Francis

Francis: "You cannot let superstition and fear rule your life."
Francis: "You cannot let superstition and fear rule your life."
Mark Holzberg/The CW

“For King and Country” is tonight’s episode of “Reign.” To refresh your memory on what happened last time, click here. “Reign” airs Thursday nights at 8 on the CW. Here’s the latest gossip at the castle:

Return to the Castle

Bash is captured on grounds of treason and is brought back to the castle. Mary follows in order to try to save Bash. Francis, obviously, is upset that Mary ran off with his brother, but surprisingly, he is more curious about why Mary lied to him. Francis is smarter than he looks. King Henry threatens to behead Bash unless Mary weds Francis and lays claim to England. Henry wouldn’t really kill his favorite son for England, would he?

The Next King of France

Mary figures out a way to save Francis and Bash. She proposes to Henry that she will marry the next king of France, and she will lay claim to the English throne, but the next king of France will be Bash and not Francis. This means that Bash would have to be legitimized, Henry and Catherine would get a divorce, and Henry would marry Diane. Did anyone see this coming? Of course, Kenna is upset because this means Diane would be back, thus ruining Kenna’s life as the mistress. It’s always nice that she can bring the focus back to her.

Queen Drama

Of course, Catherine is not a fan of Mary’s plan, seeing as how it would make Catherine lose her title and power, so she comes up with her own scheme to get rid of Bash and Mary. What’s her plan? Any guesses? Oh right, murder because that seems to be her go to scheme. Henry is not as dumb as he sometimes appears be he knows exactly what Catherine will do, and manages to play her at her own game. Now, he is holding Catherine hostage in the castle.

Favorite Quotations

Mary: “I am losing the man that I love. I am saving your son. I have made my sacrifices.”

Henry: “Let God mock the English for a change.”

Catherine: “Oh Mary, don’t you know by now? Happiness is one thing we queens can never have.”

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