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Reign of the Pit from 'Magic: The Gathering - Conspiracy'

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Revealed during Pro Tour Journey into Nyx, Reign of the Pit is one of the latest Magic: The Gathering cards spoiled from Wizards of the Coast's upcoming expert expansion set Conspiracy.

Reign of the Pit - 4BB
Sorcery (Rare)
Each player sacrifices a creature. Put an X/X black Demon creature token with flying onto the battlefield, where X is the total power of the creatures sacrificed this way.

Reign of the Pit's power scales with the amount of players in the game. You'll be able to potentially gain a massive amount of value out of Reign of the Pit, provided that each of your opponents controls a creature. You'll also end up with a large flyer.

The problem with Reign of the Pit is that its impact is unreliable. Because Conspiracy drafts are separated into games of four people instead of normal one on one, Reign of the Pit has a good chance of hitting three opponents. Even if they all sacrifice small 2/2 creatures, you'll end up with a 6/6 flyer or bigger. Reign of the Pit's effectiveness really does depend on the board state, making it it absolutely amazing or lackluster depending on the game.

That's not to say Reign of the Pit isn't powerful. We've no doubt Reign of the Pit will lead to blow outs in many multiplayer matches, be it in a Conspiracy draft or Commander games, perhaps even yours.

How will you use Reign of the Pit?

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