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'Reign' finale preview: Will Mary and Francis' plan work?

Fans of "Reign" will see Francis and Mary work with his mother to take down a very insane King Henry on the season one finale of this series on Thursday night. They need to move quickly because Henry is ready to kill his son. On May 13, Spoiler TV shared a sneak peek released for the episode, "Reign" 1x22 titled "Slaughter of the Innocence."

Will Francis take down his father on Reign?
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What happens during this brief clip? The scene shows Francis, Mary, and his mother trying to come up with a plan to take out Henry. Francis still doesn't want to kill his father, but he realizes that something needs to be done. Francis suggests military involvement, and his mother is skeptical about that idea. A coup seems to be their best option, and Mary comes up with another idea that might help their plan. If it works, they will be able to take Henry out, and he can live out his days locked up. It is better than death, after all.

Tony Regbo did tease some about the finale, and he revealed that fans will definitely learn what The Darkness in the woods during the finale to TV Line. Bash had left the castle to go out and find the location that the little boy told him. Bash knew the place the little boy spoke of right away.

As for Lola and her baby, it is not likely that fans will see Francis find out before the end of the season. That might be left for next season, but she will be returning to court after the events of the last episode. She will now be a widow though, and she will be able to cover her pregnancy with her brief marriage.

"Reign" has definitely managed to become a hit for CW, and it will return next season for more historical drama. What do you think? Will Francis' plan be successful? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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