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'Reign' 1x22 'Slaughter of Innocence' Recap: Doing what is necessary

Catherine: "This is why people love a joust. Seeing nobles knocked on their arses after a long war."
Catherine: "This is why people love a joust. Seeing nobles knocked on their arses after a long war."
Photo Courtesy of Sven Frenzel/The CW

“Slaughter of Innocence” is the May 15 episode of “Reign.” Be sure to check out the slideshow for more quotes from tonight's episode. “Reign” returns this fall on the CW.

Leith: "When you are alone and miserable, remember this as the moment as you threw your happiness away."
Photo Courtesy of Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW

Henry makes his move on Mary. I cringed hardcore at him putting his hand under her blanket. All sorts of no. Mary and Catherine figure out pretty early on that Henry’s plan is to murder Francis and wed Mary. If only they had assassinated him when they had the chance, now they have to resort to a coup. Mary’s uncle tells her to make herself the most power woman in France, which will most likely also benefit him. This leads her to trade her normal coats in for the English coat of arms, which apparently is recognizable to everyone back then.

Leith returns to court. He meets a redhead named Yvette (Ivette?) in the castle. There is definite chemistry there, but then he goes to reunite with Greer. She turns him down, after all she has a family to think of. Leith gives a badass speech about how he will become everything that she thinks she needs, but he will not be hers ever again. You tell her, Leith! Did I mention that Yvette is Castleroy’s daughter? Next season this love triangle of sorts will get really interesting.

Bash meets The Darkness, who is just a creepy dude in a cloak who claims to have the power of sight. He claims that he is training Pascal, and if the gods aren't pleased with their sacrifices, the plague will come. Okay, then, that’s ominous. How do you train a person to have the sight and at one point of the training do your teeth have to look all creepy? This mysterious Darkness is defeated, don’t you worry! All it took was Bash kicking some ass. Downside is that it looks like the plague has returned. Oops.

After learning that Henry set up a naval spectacle that purposely resulted in the death of a 100 French soldiers, Francis decides to take matters into his own hands. He fatally wounds Henry in a joust, but the thing is, no one knows it was Francis who was his opponent. Francis is a sneaky one, alright. There is a moment where he starts to come clean to Mary about what he had done, but Mary brings up how it was God’s will that Henry died. Do you think Francis went too far?

Speaking of Henry, he has some touching moments on his death bed. No, not like the moment he tried to have with Mary. Catherine gets emotional, surprisingly, when having her last words with Henry. The most interesting conversation is the one Henry has with Francis. We learn who the random kid is that he has been hallucinating! Henry poisoned his older brother Francis while they were playing tennis. This lead to Henry becoming king. Henry has always been a murderer, it seems.

Oh right, Lola! She makes a brief appearance at the end of the episode where she is waiting to give birth. The baby should have come hours ago, and it is not looking good for Lady Lola. She sends word to Mary and releases her of their secret. Of course, Mary tells Francis and he runs off, even after learning that the castle is closing its gates due to the outbreak of plague. Mary apparently didn't take into account that trapping Francis and Lola together might rekindle their romance. Do you think Lola and/or her baby will survive?

What did you think of the finale? Was the Bash and Francis hug everything you didn't know you wanted? Leave me your thoughts in a comment below.

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