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'Reign' 1x21 'Long Live the King' Recap: Plotting a murder or two

“Long Live the King” is the May 8 episode of “Reign.” Be sure to check out the slideshow for more quotes from tonight's episode. The season finale of “Reign” airs next Thursday night at 8 p.m. CT on the CW.

Catherine: "Sometimes to sell a pale of water, you start a fire."
Photo Courtesy of Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW
Henry: "The boy truly loves me. I understand that now."
Photo Courtesy Of Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW

Francis returns from war. It's apparently been months. The time flies between episodes, I suppose. The Frary reunion is a happy one for all of like five minutes. They have sex, and then the topic switches to how the Queen of England is dead, and what to do with Henry. Francis pleads with Catherine and Mary not to kill Henry until he tries one last time to reach through to his father. What is Francis’ plan? A hunting trip. I wouldn’t let a mad king near guns or any kind of weapon, but that’s just me.

Lord Julien isn’t actually Lord Julien! I knew he was shady. The truth comes out when the real Lord Julien’s uncle Bartos stops by to pay his nephew a visit. Lola helps Fake Lord Julien lie to Bartos, and it works until Bartos spies his nephew’s ring on Fake Lord Julien’s hands. Then, things get violent. Lola, in an attempt to save her husband, pushes Bartos off, causing him to be impaled. Lola is a murderer now. But it’s okay because they are going to burn down the house, making it seem like Bartos was Lord Julien, and then Lola will return to French court a widow.

Henry and Francis actually do have a lovely hunting trip. There is even some father son bonding time where Henry tells a story of how his father was imprisoned by the Spanish. Okay, already I know this is not the story to tell with your son. It gets worse. Henry and one of his brothers got to go visit his father in prison one day, but it wasn’t so much a visit as it was a prisoner exchange. Yup, Henry’s dad negoited his release on the terms that two of his sons stay for three years.

Catherine and Mary decide that they can’t wait to see if Francis’ hunting trip cures Henry. They must kill Henry now. Catherine gets Mary on board by telling her that this way, they are sparing Francis from being a part of murdering his own father. Yes, that makes is all better. Since Henry has become increasingly paranoid, the only way to get to him is when he takes communion. The plan is in motion, and then Francis returns claiming that his trip worked! He convinced Henry not to invade England immediately. Surprisingly, Francis manages to get Catherine to call off the attack.

Bash makes a friend in the woods, aww how sweet. Except this little boy wants nothing to do with Bash. Kenna, surprisingly, is really sweet with the child, and she gets him to open up. The child, Pascal, tells of Visigoth (?), a place where the man with sharp teeth took him. Visigoth is a pagan word that means where the darkness resides. Bash is determined to end this Darkness, and so he and Nostradamus set off in search of this city. Maybe Bash shouldn’t have left Kenna alone with Pascal because Pascal knows that Bash killed his father. It’s not looking good for Kenna.

Even though the murder is called off, Henry still gets attacked while taking communion. Guess who is behind it/benefits from it? The Duke of Guise. I’m really starting to see how swarmy he is. Now Henry is even more paranoid than before. We see him talking to his hallucination of that same kid. Henry decides he must be the one to rule England, so he has to kill Francis and wed Mary. This is about when my jaw dropped. Henry has entered a whole new level of insanity.

What did you think of the episode? Did anyone else think the Lord Julien bit was a little too crazy? Leave me your thoughts in a comment below.

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