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'Reign' 1x20 'Higher Ground' Recap: The loss of innocence

Bash: "You don’t want to pick this marriage a part. It came together very quickly. Let them find their way."
Bash: "You don’t want to pick this marriage a part. It came together very quickly. Let them find their way."
Photo Courtesy Of Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW

“Higher Ground” is the May 1 episode of “Reign.” Be sure to check out the slideshow for more quotes from tonight's episode. “Reign” airs Thursday nights at 8 p.m. central on the CW.

Francis: "Meet your new commander. We’re advancing to a bloody castle."
Photo Courtesy Of Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW

Francis is on the battle field looking all adorable in his armor. Strangely enough, he is not with the Duke and his men, even though it sounded like they would be inseparable seeing as how Francis was kinda counting on the Duke to protect him. Anywho, Francis runs into a ragtag group of French soldiers. Seriously, they look a little sad. Leith is one of them! It feels like forever since we have seen him. He comes back in a big way too – he saves Francis’ life.

Catherine’s cousins stop by. Anytime her family comes to the castle, it is rarely present. The Medicis don’t seem like nice people or at least “Reign” doesn’t show them being nice. Mary approaches Catherine for assistance. Her mother needs to escape Scotland in secret, but that requires money. Mary hopes that Catherine will help by using funds from her secret pool of money. Alas, that is not the case. Mary should have expected as much. It’s not like Catherine is all that charitable. Catherine does give Mary a good piece of advice though about how to act as a Queen.

Mary goes to plan B. Thankfully she didn’t anticipate that Catherine would hand over a bunch of money, but Mary is still Mary, so she decided to give it a shot. John, a mercenary, is who Mary hires to find Catherine’s stash of money and bring it to her without Catherine having any idea she had been robbed. Yeah, John has a different plan. Mary should have known that hiring a mercenary – one that her uncle recommends – would make things a tad more complicated. John decides to kidnap her. It’s almost the same thing, right?

Lola begins to worry about Lord Julien. He has her dowry now. The bank could not hold off any longer, and he kept pestering them about when he would get it. Kenna decides now is a good time to start being a good friend, and so she tries to get Bash to befriend Lord Julien and dig up some dirt. This is far more interesting than watching the two of them in bed for an entire episode. Bash discovers that Lord Julien is going on a hunting trip, but all he is taking is one horse and a carriage. That’s all you need for a hunting trip, I suppose.

Catherine’s confession is hilarious. She starts out with something mild like taking the Lord’s name in vain, then moves to ordering the assassination of Scots, and then to striking a servant. Sadly, her confession is cut short by her kidnapping. She’s a smart one though. Catherine manages to put together that Mary kidnapped her, and offers him double if he brings her the head of the person who orchestrated her kidnapping. Damn, that Catherine is a wily one. What she doesn’t except is for John to go and inform Mary of Catherine’s response. He isn’t easily turned.

An ear appears with Catherine’s earring on it is delivered to the castle gates. Cortenza (if that is how you spell her name) aka Catherine’s cousin is not at all bothered. She basically doesn’t care if Catherine lives or dies. Cortenza is already threatening servants and Mary, whom she believes is spying on her at the request of Catherine. After hearing Bash’s warning about being sure as to who you are going to sacrifice, Mary decides to let John cut off Cortenza’s head and bring it to Catherine, thus making it seem like Cortenza was the one behind her kidnapping.

When Kenna informs Lola of what Bash found, she begs Lola to have an honest conversation with Lord Julien. Lola does. She has this speech about how she doesn’t need much to live on and that she loves him. It tugs on the heart strings a bit. Lord Julien ends up doing this dramatic walk out of the castle where he gazes upon his carriage, and then returns to Lola. He owns up to being broke and no longer affiliating with his horrible family. So he is a good guy, I guess. I’m still suspicious of his two rich wives dying though.

Francis has a battle plan. When the English attacked, he realized that the same men are coming every time, which means the castle is undermanned. What Francis didn’t realize was the English have a cannon. Oops, that’s small problem, no big deal guys. Francis actually manages to take it out with a flaming arrow, and he even gets a pep talk to his men. The downside is that Leith gets injured from the cannon. Have no fear, Leith! Francis is going to make sure you get home safely, and then he will give you land and a title so you can marry Greer!

Catherine buys that Cortenza is behind it all. It helps when Mary and John plant a fake note in her empty jewelry box, making it seem as if she was being blackmailed and is currently broke. There is a moment where Catherine begins to worry about what traits Mary picked up from her. She hopes that Mary didn’t orchestrate the killing of Cortenza because it makes a person grow hard. Wow, Catherine might actually care about Mary. This is a little shocking. She is expressing motherly concern for someone who isn’t Francis.

What did you think of the episode? Did Mary’s decision surprise you?

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