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'Reign' 1x17 'Liege Lord' Recap: Protecting Scotland

Liege Lord” features a not so happy Kenna and Bash. Surprisingly, being force to wed does not a happy couple make. Kenna has to move in with Bash, and she is not too pleased with his quarters. After commenting on the trivial downsides of their marriage, Kenna brings up what matters most. Bash’s title gives him no wealth. Wait, that’s not it. Oh right, Bash will never love and protect her like he does Mary. As it turns out, all Kenna wants is a knight of her own.

Lord Julian: "I don’t need a match made in heaven. I’m perfectly happy with a match made somewhere north of Paris."
Sven Frenzel/The CW
Catherine: "Welcome to being a ruling queen, Mary. Men trust you and die."
Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW

Lola is still courting Lord Julian. She is, as she has said in the past couple of episodes, concerned that she is going to start showing soon. Step up your game, Lord Julian! Sheesh, how long does it take a guy to propose back then? He finally proposes, but only after sharing his strange and suspicious history. His past two wives have died painfully during childbirth, and so he won’t have children. This declaration for some reason prompts Lola to reveal the truth of her pregnant status, but he’s surprisingly cool with it. Is anyone else suspicious?

Mary learns from one of Catherine’s special ladies in waiting – that’s right, there are levels to Catherine’s ladies in waiting – that there is a secret clause in her wedding/alliance contract that states that if Mary dies without an heir, Scotland will belong to France. Cue the Scottish pride! Mary is outraged, and even Kenna steps up and shows some concern for her country. Mary works with Francis to devise a plan that will force both sides to burn this page of the contract. Of course, this has to be done in a sneaky manner.

Mary decides to turn the protestant factions against her mother in Scotland. This calls for a party, obviously. The scots have invaded French court, and it is marvelous. While Mary pulls aside Lord MacKenzie and his men for help, Catherine starts to warm up to one Scot in particular. She gets laid. It’s strange to see her in a romantic setting. I much prefer her plotting to kill someone. Oh wait, Catherine does that too. After realizing that Mary knows about the contract, she orchestrates the murder of Lord MacKenzie and his men. She’s very busy in this episode.

Poor Mary, she finally gets to experience the power that comes with being queen, and then she experiences a downside the job. As Catherine explains, being queen means sending men who trust you to their death, and this will happen over and over again. It’s not easy being queen, my dear. Mary won’t be defeated that easily though. She steps up and demands that the contract be burned, or else certain noblemen in France will learn of Henry’s madness. Mary is not messing around. There are already men out on their way to deliver the news. It gets the job done.

As for Henry, he is as crazy as ever. What is surprising is that he does not cause much damage in this episode except for occasionally being a jerk. He has a hallucination of a teenager standing in French Court, which is weird as fall as hallucinations go. However, this seems to freak him out enough to go lie in Kenna’s lap and tell her about his headaches. Kenna looks absolutely frightened. The whole situation is beyond strange. Thankfully Bash comes to her rescue! Cue the aws.

The slideshow features some of my favorite quotes from the episode. What are yours? Leave me your thoughts in a comment below. Is anyone else falling in love with Bash and Kenna a little bit? They are cute. Also, Mary should start acting like a queen more often. It suits her well.

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