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'Reign' 1x15 'The Darkness' Recap: Searching for a suitor

Henry: "I see a lust in your eyes that will not be easily extinguished."
Henry: "I see a lust in your eyes that will not be easily extinguished."
Christos Kalohoridis/The CW

“The Darkness” is tonight’s episode of “Reign.” To refresh your memory on what happened last time, click here. Be sure to check out the slideshow for more quotes from tonight's episode. “Reign” airs Thursday nights at 8 on the CW. Here’s the latest gossip at the castle:

Lola: "I don’t want to become a future king’s property just because a made a mistake."
Christos Kalohoridis/The CW

Finding a Suitor

First Light is a festival that takes place in the castle where women mingle with potential suitors. Mary sets Lola up with Count Philipe Nardin, hoping to get her wed before it becomes obvious that Lola is pregnant. Greer spends her time with Lord Peppercorn, lucky her. They have a slightly pleasant meal, and then Peppercorn manages to light himself on fire. In the end, Greer asks Peppercorn to set up Leith with an apprenticeship, getting him out of the castle before her destiny arrives. Her destiny happens to be a match made by her parents. It looks like Greer may be the next to be wed. Despite being promised to be set up with suitors, Kenna does not meet anyone during First Light. Her worries about King Henry consume most of her time.

A Dark Streak

There is something wrong with King Henry. He kills yet another girl and doesn’t seem to fazed by it. Thankfully Kenna does something wise and runs to tell Catherine. It is unclear, but it sounds like Henry may have let a woman fall from his window before. Somehow this has to do with the King being ill. He is claiming of headaches, and the servants are saying that his water runs black. Personally, it is hard to see how being physically ill makes someone want to kill girls, but hey, stranger things have happened in French court.

What to do about Lola

Francis is opposed to Lola being with Count Nardin, and he tells not only Mary this, but Lola herself. His intentions don’t seem entirely pure. Lola and Mary have a bit of a spat. After Francis comes clean to Mary about his tryst with Lola, Mary runs to Lola, upset that she has lied to her husband. Mary has been lying by omission since she found out about Lola, but apparently, it is just beginning to bother her now. It’s tough to be friends with the girl who is pregnant with your husband’s child, especially since Mary is struggling to get pregnant herself.

The Darkness

Nostradamus works on getting Olivia to open up about what happened to her. She says that after she escaped the maze in the castle, she found herself in the woods where local hunters took her in. Sadly, they sacrificed her to the darkness. Olivia never got a look at his/her face, but she was drugged and repeatedly fed upon until she escaped. Wait a minute, Olivia ran into hunters in the woods? Yup, that would be Rowan and Carrick. This is proven because they also sacrifice Bash to the darkness. They are super great people. Karma came to pay them a visit because when the darkness came to collect Bash, Rowan made the mistake of looking at it, thus sealing her fate as the one who was taken. Don’t worry, Bash is on the case! Even though Rowan and her family were going to sacrifice him, Bash still decides to try to save Rowan.

Favorite Quotes

Nostradamus: “You are brand new. None of what you were need remain, except what you choose. Evil is not a thing. It is not a condition. It is a choice. You are only what you choose that alone is what makes you.”

Rowan: “Whoever dares look on it is taken, and whoever is taken, dies.”

Francis: “I don’t make love to you because I want a baby. I want a baby because I love you.”

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