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'Reign' 1x12 'Royal Blood' Recap: Brothels and kidnapped princes

Mary: "Despite what you may think, I never intended to harm you family. I just wanted to save Francis."
Mary: "Despite what you may think, I never intended to harm you family. I just wanted to save Francis."
Christos Kalohoridis/The CW

“Royal Blood” is tonight’s episode of “Reign.” To refresh your memory on what happened last time, click here. “Reign” airs Thursday nights at 8 on the CW. Here’s the latest gossip at the castle:

Keeping Charles and Henry Safe

It just now dawns on Mary that by legitimizing Bash, young Henry and Charles are in danger. The three of them get accosted on the way to the Frost fair, prompting Mary to share her concerns with Bash. What does Bash think is best? Why to stage their kidnapping of course! The goal was to get the boys safely to Troy where they could live a normal life, but Clarissa decides to intervene.

Ah, Paris

Well hello new location! We move from the gorgeous castle to, wait a minute, a brothel? You know that you will find great company there. As it turns out Lola has a brother who likes to get into trouble. She travels to Paris to pay off his debt, and ends up catching the eye of the head of the brothel. He demands that Lola sleep with him to pay off her brother’s debts.

A Mother’s Concern

Catherine has escaped from her cell and is all set to run away to Italy, but once she learns that Henry and Charles are missing, she stays behind. She will do whatever it takes to ensure that her sons are safe, even if it means returning to her jail cell. Bash, Mary, and Catherine ride through the woods to track down Clarissa and the boys. After a failed attempt by Catherine to get Clarissa to drop the knife she has pressed against Charles’ throat, Mary knocks Clarissa out with a rock. It looks like Clarissa is dead, but my money is on her making a dramatic return.

Francis Gets the Girl

Francis steps in and saves Lola by winning her in a bet. This leads to them talking and discovering that they are basically the same person. I wasn’t aware Lola was so unhappy with her life. Francis? Yeah, it was obvious that his life sucks currently. In the end, Lola forgets that sleeping with a friend’s ex-fiancé is a no, no, and has sex with Francis. Because they will never see each other again. Oh wait, what happens at the end of the episode? Francis learns that Catherine is to be executed, and so he decides to return to the castle to fight for her life. This ought to go over well with Mary.

Favorite Quotes

Nostradamus: “If you are looking for a weapon, some say there’s none greater than the scriptures themselves.”

Catherine: “That girl is broken. She is more animal than human. The greatest mercy would be to have her put down.”

Lola: “Don’t be ashamed of your pain. It does you credit. You have a true heart. It will mend.”

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