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Rehashing CEBR’s 2014 Bully Bowl

Were you able to meet these bullies?
Were you able to meet these bullies?
Chicago English Bulldog Rescue

The Chicago English Bulldog Rescue (CEBR) previously announced their starting lineup for this year’s 2014 Bully Bowl. This event took place this past Saturday, January 25th and took place at the Doggie Depot, Inc. from Noon until 4:00 p.m.

The Doggie Depot is located at 635 Rogers Street in Downers Grove, Illinois. The entrance fee for this great meetup was only $5 and 100% of the proceeds went to benefit CEBR. That is not the only great thing about Saturday’s occasion; another is that for that mere $5, there was FREE parking to boot!

The adoptable bullies from CEBR were present and they were thrilled to meet and greet other bulldogs that were present that day. Many of which had previously been adopted through CEBR! You were welcome to drop in at any time with your family, friends and Bulldogs as the meetup was an open house style occasion.

All of the Bulldogs were invited to play together while the humans talked Bulldog with one another. The public had the opportunity to meet Chicago English Bulldog Rescue volunteers as well as other bully aficionados.

There was a most spirited fan contest for the best sports and cheerleading gear donned by the bullies. In addition bully competitions were held as well as raffles for the humans with some pretty swell prizes associated with them.

The day had duplicated meaning since it was also the CEBR Homecoming Celebration for 19 puppy mill survivors from Project New Beginning. The volunteers as well as the general public were able to be formally introduced to the dogs that survived their horrific situation at the puppy mills.

This house style P-A-R-T-Y allowed people and pets alike to roam the wide open space; to rom, race and have a ball! By the end of the day, the bullies were pooped and ready for their nice soft bed at home!

As with all of the Chicago English Bulldog Rescue events, 100% of the proceeds went to support the CEBR Medical fund. They concentrate on making these fun-filled days not only celebrations for the day, but methods to support the great cause of rescuing and improving the life of more bullies to come.

If you have never been to one of CEBR’s events, you are missing out. The people associated with this Bulldog specific rescue all have hearts of gold. They want to ensure that the breed that they love find the true happiness and contentment that they deserve in life. If you have not checked them out yet, you may want to do so soon to see what you have been missing!

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