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Rehabilitation and prison: Does it work?

Is there a way to get people out of prison and keep them out?
Is there a way to get people out of prison and keep them out?
2008, instablogs

The media tries to portray the "new" prison as a way to rehabilitate prisoners, whether it is through education or drug rehabilitation; however, this is far from the truth for most.

The first point where this fails is the prison system does not transition their prisoners back into the community. The prison system isolates offenders from their community and family. For violent offenders, yes this is what they are suppose to do but people who are needing drug rehabilitation need support from their family and community. Additionally, a person can find more drugs in prison than he or she can find out on the streets; however, at a higher price but they are still there.

The second point where the rehabilitation programs fail is the prisoner has to want to change his or her life around and many have not come to that point yet. Additionally, many states offer time cuts for taking these rehabilitation programs and many prisoners take these programs just to get the time cuts. I have many a prisoner come up to me and say, "Yeah, I am going to go back out on the streets slinging drugs because that is the best way I can make money." Which did not make any sense to me because now most prisons do have vocational schools or college courses available; however, depending on a person's offense, it does not matter the education level, sometimes it is very hard to get a decent paying job once released from prison.

Maybe a good solution for this problem is for a first time drug offender or a person who seems to suffer from a mental illness, put them in a rehabilitation center instead of a jail or prison. Prison only makes people angrier and teaches them how to be better criminals. I have seen people go into prison for white collar crimes and come out drug addicts and better criminals. The prison system is something that definitely needs to be re-worked and re-adjusted because it is definitely failing.


  • Profile picture of Belky Perez Schwartz
    Belky Perez Schwartz 4 years ago

    I think the type of foundation a person has in terms of coping skills when they first go to prison is a big factor in how they will survive incarceration. Another factor is their social support - not just if they have, but the TYPE Of social support they have. What do you think?

  • Profile picture of Lynda Mahana
    Lynda Mahana 4 years ago

    Family support is the key...and to your point that released offenders have problems getting jobs...they have problems getting housing even if they have money!

  • //// 4 years ago

    None of it matters. Once inside they learn to survive, and in most cases, they commit worse crimes inside prison (murder) just to stay alive.

    What we need to do is stop the gangs from running the prisons and give control back to the Warden.

    Then and only then, can we worry about rehabilitation.

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    The jail voilates The A.D.A every day. The Jail , Police , judge, are nothing more than scum and there is nothing you can do that is why people run from police they know that police lie the judge belives the police and the jail is a money maker for the county. The F.B.I dose nothing the police internal affairs lie to cover up for the police and the judges qualifications board is a waist. . People have no trust for any of them soon people will grow tired of there ways and when a police officer makes a stop they will blow them away .its a shame the system is so flawed and the police have so much power with out accountability.Watch out for the skin head police they take things to a whole new level. when a police officer shaves his head he takes things to extream rambo skin head .The dept cant see this they think it looks great but the people know better. If you have a new police officer that never shaved his head in his life time and he goes in to the academy with a shaved head he may have mental problems . WATCH OUT FOR THE SKIN HEADS.

  • crackhead88 1 year ago

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