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Rehab for internet and gaming addicts now available in the United States

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An addict's life often revolves around his computer desk.

Internet and gaming addictions have become more and more common as more people not only have access to gaming equipment and computers, but also are required to spend at least part of their workday on a computer with an internet connection. A few signs of internet/gaming addictions include:

*Spending your offline time thinking about what you want to do when you get back online.

*Having anxiety that you might be missing an important email or forum posting when you are away from the internet.

*Your work or school is suffering due to internet video game use.

*Losing sleep to stay online or play video games.

A new clinic has opened in near Seattle, Washington that will give those who are on the verge of losing everything due to their addiction to the internet, a second chance to experience real life. Besides long walks and bonding with fellow addicts, reSTART offers psychotherapy and counseling while keeping them closed off from the internet for up to 45 days.

Hillarie Cash is the creator and therapist at this rehab center. She says that while she has been treating individuals for these issues for years, this is a way to completely remove them from the temptation while they are seeking help.

Individuals who enter the program will be “offline” and without their game controls for the 45 days that they are there, in the hopes that they will be ready to tackle and enjoy real life again once they rejoin society.

The cost of this rehab program? Including all application and enrollment fees, approximately $16,000. Learn more about this program at reSTART Internet Addiction Recovery Program.

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