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Rehab for holiday makeup gifts


You’ve probably received a cosmetic or two recently as a holiday gift. And like me, you look at it and say “for real?” What was Aunt Mary thinking when she picked out that sparkly green eyeshadow? What about that hot pink lip gloss that your husband got talked into by the big boobed girl at the makeup counter?

If you can ask for a receipt without hurting any feelings, do so. My girlfriends and I have had great experiences with returns at Sephora and Nordstrom’s. For drugstore makeup, Walgreens and Wal-Mart are the places to go. I shop these stores and go back to them for makeup returns/exchanges without feeling like they’re going to ask me to look into the security camera and smile or take my firstborn’s fingerprints. If a return is out of the question, here are a few tricks that I use when a shade is off or just not right.

  • Lip colors that are too bold can be toned down with a beigey lipstick. Either mix it before application, or use the beige lipstick as a base. A good one to have on hand is L’Oreal’s Lipstick in Caramel Latte. If something is just too pink, I use MAC’s Lipstick in Half n' Half to mute it.
  • Eyeshadows that look horrific in the pan can be layered as a sheer wash over any neutral taupe/brown shadow to make them work. Use a fluffy brush and a light hand. If the shadow's on the darker and/or brighter side, dampen an eyeliner brush and run it over your basic eyeliner to give it a pop.
  • Blushes that looks too bright on their own look great on just the apples of the cheek over a matte bronzer. Try Laura Geller’s Bronze –N- Brighten. Click here to see my previous article reviewing the use of this product.
  • For colors that are too shimmery (disco-ballish), layer it with a matte.

Foundation, concealer and powder colors are too difficult to alter without a professional hand and not worth your effort. They will scream, “wrong color!” – just don’t wear them (or fear being called out by moi when I see you).

Have a particular product that is just not your color? Email me from and I’ll find a solution for you!

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