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Register to vote in the August primary before Sunday the 25th of July!

Uncle Sam wants you to vote!
Uncle Sam wants you to vote!
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Do you care about lobbying issues and about parental rights on abortions? You are running out of time to be registered for the August Primary Election. The deadline for registration is this Sunday, July 25. You can register in person or online. It is important. Get registered and vote. Do you think that you might be called out of town at the last minute? Ask for an absentee ballot to be sent to you. Several years ago, my ornery dying cowboy father was dying of cancer and he did not like that I could vote for an attorney and said that he would hold on until it was too late for me to come home and vote. (I wouldn't tell him who I was supporting and he assumed that I'd support someone he didn't like.) He died the morning of Election Day just outside of Tombstone, Arizona about an hour after I whispered to him that it was too late for me to go home and vote for the lawyer. (As long as he was still alive, my father’s daughter didn’t vote for that blankety-blank attorney.) Like I have said and it bears repeating, ask for an absentee ballot if you think there could be any reason you might not be able to vote!

Alaska has had some close calls with elections and while whomever and whatever you support might not win, they won't have a chance without you showing up to vote.

One of the greatest aspects of election time is that we Alaskans can go out and actually meet the people who are running. Can you imagine meeting Governor Schwarzenegger at Wasilla Family Restaurant? There are fancy fundraisers which are always fun to go to, but there are also meet and greets happening, there are luncheons and debates, and there are informal gatherings. Living in Mat-Su, the Republicans often have meetings at Evangelo’s or Mat-Su Family Restaurant. There have been debates at public places including the Alaska Club’s auditorium. The Democrats have had gatherings at Fireside Books in downtown Palmer and at people’s homes, to name a few venues. The best thing to do is to see who is running and look up on their website to see when they will be coming to your area. (The coolest idea that I have seen for getting to know voters is Mead Treadwell. He occasionally goes hiking with who he hopes will be his constituents.)

To find out how to register to vote and find out more about the primary election, go here.

To find out who is running in various districts, visit this site.