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Camp Bow Wow to host free webinar on dog bite prevention

Dog Bite Prevention Week is May 18-24, 2014
Dog Bite Prevention Week is May 18-24, 2014
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This week, a video went viral of Tara, the "hero cat" who saved the day for a young boy being attacked by a neighbor’s loose dog. The boy's injuries could have been much worse if Tara hadn’t intervened.

In this case, no one was not at fault - the boy was not left unattended with an animal and the attack was unprovoked. But in most cases, human error and failure to read the signs or understand the dog's body language leads to dog bites. A dog that's been neglected, mistreated, or unsocialized is more likely to bite.

May 18-24 is Dog Bite Prevention Week. On Tuesday, May 20 at 7 p.m. EST/4 p.m. PST, Camp Bow Wow and Behavior Buddies will host a FREE webinar on dog bite prevention.

Conducted by Laura Roach, Behavior Specialist and Director of Buddies Brands, and Nick Fisher, Director of Camp Behavior and Canine Behavior Expert, the webinar is intended to teach viewers, including children, how to properly interact with dogs and read their body language in order to prevent bites. Questions may be asked throughout the webinar that will be answered at the end.

According to the Center for Disease Control, nearly 4.5 million dog bites occur each year - half of which involve children, and often during everyday activities and with familiar dogs. It's important to remember that neither breed nor size determine a dog bite. Any dog can bite, and education will help to prevent it.

Register for the free webinar and discussion here.

Spread the word so that family and friends can learn more and take part in this webinar. We hope you'll never be in a situation to need this information, but it could be the key to preventing a loved one from making mistakes that can cause bites.

Prevention starts with the person, not the dog.

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