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Regional Poiltical laws

Just today in Florida the Miami Herald highlights this new State rule: Florida Lawmakers must live in their districts. So what about in Raleigh ?

The Miami Herald states: "Under the rule change, to be considered a resident of their district, lawmakers must demonstrate that they live there. They can do that a number of ways, including making sure their home address appears on a legal document, having the address on their voter registration, producing proof that they have a homestead exemption for their residence, having the address listed on a driver’s license; proving his or her spouse and children live there, and showing that this is where the lawmaker receives mail. The rule does not specify how many of these conditions must be met.

Lawmakers also must affirm they live in their district by signing a statement. If a complaint is filed against them, a special master will consider all information that pertains to their residency.

Complaints would be filed with the House or Senate rules committees. Whether a member has violated the rule would be determined by his or her peers. Any lawmaker who refuses a summons by a special master investigating residency could face a fine of up to $1,000 and up to three months in jail. "

Should North Carolina lawmakers in Raleigh have a similar rule. Do all lawmakers in Raleigh reside in the district they represent? These are important questions and thoughts. There needs to be a look at these type of issues in Raleigh as well.

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