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Region 2AAAA Basketball Tournament

When the 2013-2014 Region 2AAAA regular basketball season draws to a close Saturday, the eight boys and girls teams that make up the region will know who they will play in the Region 2AAAA Tournament at Rutland that starts the following Monday. For the teams seeded fifth through eighth, they will have to almost navigate basketball's answer to musical chairs as they will play play-in games to advance to the next round.

For those teams, as long as the music plays and everyone keeps moving, things are good. It's when the music stops and things could become chaotic as they scramble for a chair with the one left standing the odd man (or odd woman) out. For that team, that means their season is over, their hopes of going to the state tournament March 6-8th. There are still games left to be played and because of the snow and ice that hit Georgia last week, some teams are making games up on Wednesday and Thursday so that things can be caught up.

The Region 2AAAA Tournament gets underway Monday but we wonder what would (or could) happen if the tournament started today. While the seeding won't be known to the rest of the free world until at Saturday, when Rutland travels to Dexter to take on West Laurens and Perry travels to Westside, let's look at what would happen if the tournament were seeded and things started today. (Places are based on the current standings as of February 4th)

1. Mary Persons
2. Rutland
3. Veterans
4. West Laurens
5. Perry
6. Baldwin
7. Westside
8. Howard

1. Perry
2. Veterans
3. Rutland
4. Westside
5. Baldwin
6. West Laurens
7. Mary Persons
8. Howard


Girls (Play-in): #6 Baldwin vs. #7 Westside
(Play-in): #5 Perry vs. #8 Howard

Boys (Play-in): #6 West Laurens vs. #7 Mary Persons
(Play-in): #5 Baldwin vs. #8 Howard

Girls: #3 Veterans vs. #6 Baldwin/#7 Westside winner
#4 West Laurens vs. #5 Perry/#8 Howard winner

Boys: #3 Rutland vs. #6 West Laurens/#7 Mary Persons winner
#4 Westside vs. #5 Baldwin/#8 Howard winner


Consolation and Championship Games

In the girls bracket, Mary Persons and Rutland have first-round byes, while in the boys bracket, Perry and Veterans are the top seeds.

Basketball's answer to "Survivor," "musical chairs," "duck-duck-goose" gets underway Monday afternoon at 4 p.m. For the winners, it's a chance to make to the bigger show. For the losers, it's another long winter.

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