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Regents' fundraising for O'Malley is illegal and troubling

The Maryland Senate Republican Slate highlighted an issue today that has not been covered by the media that I can find. The Slate pointed out that two Regents on the Board of the University of Maryland System, Clifford Kendall and Barry Gossett, were on the host committee for a November 3, 2009 fundraiser for Martin O’Malley.

In 2006, the Democrats pushed through a bill to prohibit Regents from doing political fundraising. By their own admission, the Democrats passed the bill to attack Dick Hug, who was Governor Ehrlich’s chief fundraiser and a member of the same Board of Regents that Kendall and Gossett sit on now.

Kendall’s and Gossett’s blatant violation of the law is troubling for two reasons. First, the mainstream media has not reported this story . . . yet. Second, the Democrat monopoly continues to apply different rules to its friends.

The nature of a monopoly is that it controls all power. There is no one there to act as a check or balance on the monopoly. In an ideal world, the "independent" media would serve as the public’s watchdog. Given that the Senate Republican Slate just released this story, let us see if the mainstream Maryland media picks this up over the next few days. If they do not, then it should be clear to the public where the media’s allegiance lies.

Kendall and Gossett should be forced to resign from the Board of Regents, as Republican Dick Hug was in 2006, and O’Malley should return all contributions from the November 2009 fundraiser that were solicited by Kendall and Gossett.

Dilip Paliath has a general law practice in Towson.  For more information, see


  • Jim Sagerholm 5 years ago

    Dilip: Thanks for bringing this to the attention of those of us who are at the mercy of the media. I give this story less than a 50% chance of being reported; if it is reported, it will be minimized.

  • Larry Soetoro 5 years ago

    Our governments have become lawless.

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