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Regal Ring Necked Snake

The Regal Ring Necked Snake
The Regal Ring Necked Snake
regal ring necked snake diadophis puncttus regalis.jpg

The Regal Ring Necked Snake (Diadophis Punctatus Regalis) is only mildly venomous; with large rear teeth in the upper jaw which helps debilitate its prey. The record length of this particular snake is 33-5/8 inches however the average length for the species ranges between 11 and 18 inches.

The Regal Ring Necked Snake is a very thin snake in the scales are smooth, the orange band circling its neck normally is bordered with black though typically the regal ring necked snake is gray with a cream colored underside that will become orange to bright red under the tail.

The Regal Ring Necked Snake is very difficult to observe because they are normally found under surface debris, boards or rocks, and normally are not seen until dusk or during the nighttime with the exception of cloudy days when it feels hidden from sight. This snake will coil its tail similar to a corkscrew when disturbed revealing the bright red underbelly. The Regal ring Necked Snake is also known to spread musk in its path when threatened.

The Regal Ring Necked Snake can be found in many areas of the country they have been found in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, Idaho, Nevada, and into Mexico. They prefer a moist environment such as wet meadows, rocky hillsides Woodlands, coniferous forests, and have even been found around stock tanks. They are very popular and many have been seen as far east as the Great Lakes and along the total Westt Coast of the United States all way up into south central Washington.

Their primary food sources are lizards, worms, insects, slugs and varied small snakes. The Regal Ringed Necked Snake is often found in a communal nest were they lay their eggs, in a damp secluded area during the summertime. The female will lie between three and ten eggs at a time and each egg is about 3/4 inch long and 1/4 inch wide.