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Regaining The Responsibility Mind-Set In Love And Life

Please take a moment to do the exercise below, you will find it well worth your time. In personal development taking responsibility for one’s actions and one’s life is perhaps the most important step to take. We are not responsible for everything because we can’t control other people, but we are responsible for our choices and our responses to the events in our lives.

We are responsible for how we respond to the challenges we face, and the challenging people who face us. We are responsible for how we handle our fears and doubts, for our daily rituals and routines, and the long term goals we set and achieve or leave on the table.

We are responsible for the things we decide to pursue and the procrastination that leaves us motionless. We are responsible for those placed in our care, and for how much we care for those in our lives. For things that persist unattended, Norman Cousins would ask his clients, "Why do you need this problem in your life?"

Many people live in reaction, believing that life just happens and there is nothing they can do about it, or they blame others for their lot in life. When we really consider how much we are responsible for, we can make the changes that make all the difference. For instance, you could sign up for lessons with Cleveland Life Coach Dr. Moore.

In his book, Be the Person You Want to Be, John J. Emerick, Jr. shares the following exercise, the source of this exercise is unknown. This is a powerful assignment to do by yourself, with your spouse, your family, friends or co-workers.

Take ninety minutes to dig deep and uncover your answers to the following scenario:

Up until this point in your life, you believed that you were one person, and all the rest of us were other people. You believed you had your life, and we all had our lives, and that they were separate. That is a lie.

The truth is you are the only person on this planet. All the rest of us are androids, and we were programmed by you. You created our programs to handle the smallest details, then made it so that you would forget all of this. Everything we have done up until this point was specifically planned and programmed by you. We have followed your instructions perfectly.

At this point in your life, you programmed me to give you this information. You instructed me to ask you to spend the next ninety minutes writing down the answers to these questions:

  1. Why did you program the androids in your life to do the things they have done?
  2. Why did you choose these particular androids for your most frequent interactions?
  3. Why did you program us to do the things we did the way we did them?

Even if you don’t have ninety minutes, take thirty minutes and consider how much influence you really have in your own life. If you have put off taking responsibility for your life, start today. Share this test with others, and begin to be the change you want to see in the world.

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