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Regain your balance

Focus to keep your balance
Focus to keep your balance
by yoga with dawn on

Even the most balanced find themselves teetering every now and then. Perhaps the pose starts out strong only to soon fall apart. Perhaps it is shaky from the moment the foot lifts away from the ground. This could be embraced as an opportunity to discover the deeper loss of equilibrium in life (of course), and there will be no cursing, no stomping of feet, no temper tantrums. There is only patience and breathing deeply and emotional detachment as one observes the patterns the body exhibits as it tries to recapture its stillness--of course.

One can remain soft and calm; consciously activating and releasing all the correct muscle groups, working gently with the body, making micro-adjustments in the hope of reigning in the centripetal force. One’s focus is razor sharp, his breath slow and deliberate. If the body has not moved too far or too quickly away from center, equilibrium can often be regained this way.

Much as an out of control becomes even more so when overly corrected, so does using too much force to steady a loss of balance. The determined will allow nothing but a fall, the total loss of balance, to bring them down. The compromising will regroup, or reground, and start over.

Imbalance is less easily recognized off the mat as equilibrium is somewhat subjective; the signs are not as easy to spot as a swaying body. But assuming one finds life on unequivocally shaky legs, how can one balance work with stillness, create equal doses of direction and rest of the mind, and bring struggle and enjoyment into peaceful coexisting?

Complete life makeover are a luxury not may can afford and even those who can, pay for it dearly in unsuspecting ways. What does one do when the reset button is not an option? How does one discover where the excess and deprivations lay? How does one stay calm and relaxed in order to avoid over-adjusting in one direction but controlling enough to avoid falling in the other?

The answer is as frustrating as all non-answers: it depends on the person. But one thing is certain: the answer will never be heard over the noise of the chaotic mind, over the distractions. It seems that seeking for a way to quiet the noise may be a good starting point. And for some, this is as easy as standing one leg.


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