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Refried Beans made with canned pinto beans

Allen's Seasoned Pint Beans
Allen's Seasoned Pint Beans
Marion Tomlinson

Refried Beans is one of those dishes that is so good in a restaurant but making them at home does not always turn out as well.  The cans of refried beans can be very greasy or strong flavored.  A great solution is to make them out of canned pinto beans. 

Allen's seasoned pinto beans with Vidalia onions is a great starter. Drain at least half of the liquid off of the beans.   Pour the beans in a lightly oiled skillet (cast iron works great).  Let them start to heat through and then mash them with a ladle or potato masher.  When they are the consistency you like, add hot sauce to taste.  You can also add cumin, garlic and even red pepper for a kick.

These beans go great in a Mexican casserole or in a warmed tortilla with chicken or ground beef.    They are very versatile.  They can also be added to a 7 layer Mexican dip.  Recipes can be found at cd kitchen or or make up your own dishes and impress your family.

The RMD Advertising Agency provided me with the Allens products to review.