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Refreshing fruits/veggies for all of you: Stur, Burt's Bees

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Summer has definitely arrived and with that, you should definitely be hydrating more. It will keep you healthier, help control your weight and make you more beautiful! If you don't take in enough water, the consequences could be deadly. But sometimes, water can taste so blah . . . you find that you're just not drinking enough. Other times, water is at such as scarcity, you can't even rinse your sweat-soaked face. That's where Stur and Burt's Bees come in ever so handy! I was happy to be hosted to experience them.

As we've covered here before, Stur was invented by a husband for his pregnant wife, to eschew artificial chemicals and to add vitamins . . . with delicious, appealing flavors! There's a new flavor out: Freshly Fruit Punch. It tastes just like those fruit punches you loved as a kid, mostly at birthday parties! It's easy to drink lots and lots of it: it's fun. The containers are so easy to carry around and they won't tear and get all over the satin lining of your LV It bag, like powdered drinks have done for me. You don't have to measure anything, either: one squirt is all it takes!

Sometimes, the fruit/veggie refreshing has to be done externally as well as internally -- especially in the summer. Recently, I was in Israel where we all had to climb these ancient stone stairs in the desert and other hot, difficult environments: Masada, Yaffa, and others. My bus driver was intent on jacking us for bottled waters, so naturally, there wasn't anything to rinse one's dusty eyes off with or cool off an impending migraine. I know I could have made my fortune if I had a case of Burt's Bees Cucumber and Sage Facial Cleansing Towelettes. They're not astringent, so they won't burn sensitive, sun-damaged skin.