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Refresh your mind and travel light

Refresh your mind & Travel Light - book by Shenica Graham
Refresh your mind & Travel Light - book by Shenica Graham
Shenica Graham


The war of the world (you could call it good vs. evil) has wreaked havoc on many hearts, causing some who are Kings according to the grace of God, to feel like paupers. What would happen if you believed the good before it came to be? If you've never had a problem, been rejected, fallen down, ... maybe you don't need to be picked up. But everyone needs hope to go forward no matter where they begin.

The Oedipus effect, or what is more widely known as the social theory of self-fulfilling prophecy, was first formalized by Robert Merton in 1948 (The Oxford Handbook of Analytical Sociology). The concept has since been severally re-defined including the following laymen terms: to cause an event based on a belief that it will come to pass.

Self-fulfilling prophecy is commonly described in terms of negative circumstances. For example, statistics show that a teacher who is told that a student lacks capacity to perform at a high level, often expects behavior from the student and responds to any behavior according to the expressed belief of incapacity. In the same vein however, a student with perceived geniality is approached and reacted to according to that perception of genius quality. Self-fulfilling prophecy as a formal theory, requires the confirmation of two or more persons interacting in a given belief in order for a subsequent event to be deemed a manifestation of the belief.

If truth is established of two or three witnesses, then reality is highly subjective. It is not a mockery of truth. It is to say that though you may not be called a prophet, you have the power to influence your future beyond even the sight of present time, by your claim - of either legs or links. That's not a lunch order. Think of natural legs. In our context, they can only go so far before they will eventually tire. And there are some spaces where even if strong, the use of legs must be unconventional else they have no bearing at all - like perhaps, in skydiving. *(So moving forward could require more than "one foot in front of the other."). A link is a connection. Some connections are interchangeable - like a watch with varying colored wrist-bands. Some connections seem to be finite, though a mind expansion can reveal something amazing about things once thought impossible - case in point: a man dying of cancer received a bone marrow transplant, changing both his diagnosis and his blood type.

If TWO beliefs can manifest reality, then the parable of the students is understood. A first belief was imputed by the source of the student's categorical placing. A second belief though provoked by imputation, was held by the teacher. The ripple effects all. The perpetuation of a belief - right or wrong, again requires only two believing minds. If the student internalizes the imputed belief - whether to genius or incapacity, then for him or her it becomes a self-truth. Though you may have held a negative belief that kept you in a state of self-deprecation, if at any time your belief is disconnected from that negative belief and becomes there single-minded (James 1:8), you open yourself to unity with a higher belief of positive proportions.

Let go of the baggage & Travel Light

Right living can save your life. Right living begins with right believing. Before you can overcome the world - or your circumstances, you must first conquer your mind. Right believing will loose your mind from emotional baggage. Once two minds are synchronized, they become ONE - and stable (solidified in whatever state exists; not necessarily good). Be joined then to a positive rather than become a solid downer. Since you need only TWO beliefs to agree, you can change your manifestation of self, even if you have exhausted every other friendship; have no more "favors" to call in; could not get a sole to join you for a cup of java, etc..., since you can still synchronize your single-mind with a positive belief - and God has a positive well for every one who thirsts (Matthew 5:6).

Imagine a cup filled with dirty water. The cup itself is a vessel only. The filth being removed, you could potentially use that same - though in a different state (clean) cup for something else - and that without contamination. If you are the cup being filled, you can remove “dirty water” (negatives), by pouring in more “fresh water” (positives) (Romans 12:2). The magic (infinite potential) is in understanding the value of the vessel (believing that it can be refurbished), and the power of the water.

Self- deprecating belief causes hope deference, which makes the heart sick. Instead of this baggage, carry the clarity that God knows your value – a vessel of infinite potential; and because He IS the water, He knows what it can do. Sometimes, life occurrences may seem like coincidence. Yet, the Word clarifies this: you cannot find God unless He first invites you (John 6:44). Thus, if you so much as wonder (whether or not you know the conclusion of the matter) who God is, you are a pearl of price. You have been drawn to God for some purpose, if only to establish (to awaken your believing mind to the fact that there is a second (though it was first) believing mind with which you can synchronize and manifest reality) the truth that you are loved.

Your self-fulfilling prophecy then, should begin with notice, regard, honor, preference, and esteem for your immortal creator - the great I AM. When God declared the state of His own union with himself, he said, "I AM that I AM." Who is before, beyond or above God? Nothing, no place, and no one. Your adversary needs you to reject the grace and favor that is already yours through Christ, by linking what you are not to your personal pronoun. Negation of this attack is the purpose of affirmations: so if you do not employ them and you find yourself asking, "Who am I" - you might want to try them.

*Understand that what you are not could be what you were yesterday. (In other words, a depressed person (for example) needs to confess, "I AM joyful," though it may not be yet manifested in the physical world; it can and will with right believing. Right speaking produces right believing.) God wants you to receive His definition of I AM for you - a transfusion of HIS own *DNA - Define (specifically declare the) Native (source) Ability (of power - to manifest life, wellness, and all things good) to give you abundant LIFE.

Read Romans 8:28. Refresh your mind and travel light.

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