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Refocus on a vertical arrangement that is one of the most common decorations

If you are thinking to make a table arrangement or centerpiece floral decoration, how about a vertical arrangement ? Unlike horizontal arrangement, this way of decoration does not need unnecessarily spacious place for display and you can find various locations to place it in your home. The typical place is the dining table, console table in the foyer or on the mantel over a fireplace etc.

vertical floral arrangement
California Flower Art Academy
vertical arrangement
California Flower Art Academy

Due to its shape, we usually use a vertically long container that will accept a few vertical elements in addition to the filler flowers as well as focal flowers placed in the center of arrangement. Floral foam should be cut in the size that fits the diameter of vertical vase. Place the floral foam at the bottom of container.

Since this arrangement features the beauty of vertical elements rather than the width of flowers and plants, be sure to make a choice of line flowers and plants that fit the concept of vertical arrangement.

The height of vertical line flower elements should be generally set with 1.5 to 2.0 times of the container height. Depending on the width of container and also the focal flowers placed in the center of the arrangement, the definite height should be properly determined with the above mentioned range.

Since this is a tall arrangement, make sure that the overall shape of the front view looks stable. Especially when using a cylinder container, pay attention to the arrangement which should not be unnecessarily tall because it often looks quite unstable. Various flowers such as iris, carnations, hydrangeas, roses, lilies can be used for this decoration together with twigs or evergreen elements during the winter season.

There are so many ways for making vertical arrangements. You are recommended to refer to various information available on the internet sites and YouTube videos etc. for finding useful hints to make attractive arrangements you like.

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