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Reflective Comfort: NASA inspired equipment


Reflective Comfort logo

During the Home and Garden Show at the Phil Long Expo Center, there was a wonderful chance to learn about new green technologies.  They’re not necessarily brand new to the buyer’s market but there are still quite a few people who haven’t heard of the products.

Reflective Comfort, one of the companies featured in the Home and Garden show, provides a unique method to keeping homes comfortable during all types of weather.  The concept has been used in NASA suits, hot/cold food bags, fire safety blankets and many more important items.

Brian Williams standing next to a demostrative machine.

Brian Williams (seen right) has been operating Reflective Comfort for the past 39 years and his product has yet to fail his customers.  The product, as seen later in the article, is a sheet of Mylar sandwiched between sheets of foil.  With this, the item becomes hard to rip or tear and provides the service of keeping heat where it should be.

The foil/Mylar combination is installed in the attic of any home and uses its reflective properties to keep heat out of the house in the hotter months and in the home during the colder months.  It’s a pretty simple concept.  The same design is used in space suits to reflect the scolding hot temperatures of the sun off astronauts but also traps their body heat inside for when the temperatures are dangerously cold.

Two heat lamps, one with Reflective Comfort's product underneath (right)

Customers, such as Ruth and Jim Anderson, have had the Reflective Comfort product in their household the last 4 years.  “It’s really improved a lot of things about our home,” says Jim Anderson, “The temperature is comfortable year round and our utility bill has decreased a lot, too.”  The couple previously had to use two decently powered fans to cool their house in the hotter months but no longer have to worry so much.  The Andersons, as well as other customers, have reported that their bills decreased by hundreds of dollars.

For those interested in having the product installed in their home; they can contact Brian at 719-649-2710.  From there, a reservation can be made to attend a weekly Monday meeting at Perkins.  At the meeting, Brian, Larry (an associate of his) and a couple of his customers will be available for questioning and validation.  Included in the meeting is a free meal, so make sure to reserve a place. 

When it comes time for the product to be installed in a customer’s home, workers usually arrive 20-30 minutes early and finish the job quickly.  Reflective Comfort has a special offer for customers who refer family, friends, co-workers and anyone else they might meet.  

For more info and to learn more about the special offer, contact: Samantha at


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