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Reflections of Soul Anniversary Sale

Anniversary sale 50% off
Queen of Spades

Inspiration is all around but what happens when inspiration from one impacts facets of another's self? Reflections of Soul takes one on this poetic journey--a voyage coated in bittersweet waves: paying homage to the inspiration while gaining necessary closure on the impact after the bond met its' death. Disclaimer: This work does contain hints of dark imagery

Queen of Spades has been writing since the age of eleven. She made her Internet poetry debut in the mid 1990's at Fireseek (later renamed Urban Poetic), then branched out to participate in International House of Poets as well as ventured into spoken word with talents featured at Vocalized Ink and House of Ra. She served as a hostess on the poetry collective, "Soulful Branches: Simply Words" as well as participated on the accompanying CD, Soulful Branches: Words and Sounds.

In addition to Reflections of Soul, Queen of Spades has also written the following works:

The Eclectic collection (Skin Edition and Beyond the Skin), Spaded Truths: Themes and Proclamations and Private Pain: Amidst These Ashes. She has also been included in the poetry anthology Words of Fire and Ice, presented by Durham Editing and Ebooks.

Her upcoming projects involves participation in MJ Holman's poetry initiative, The Sea of Conscience: Poetry, Prose, and The Pursuit of Self, as well as her first short story collection, Continuous Drips. In addition, she serves as principle reviewer on The Review Board and featured columnist and editor-in-chief of the contemporary publication All Authors Magazine.

The electronic copy is 50% off for the entire month of May in celebration of the one year anniversary of this work!

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