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I know this is supposed to be about events at Clark State but as a new quarter approaches, I am thinking more on the past than the future. I am 28 and have seen countless businesses that were around way before I was born be sold and resold so nothing of the original exists. I have been to two or three amusement parks that no longer exist. Everything is focused on what's new and faster. I feel as if I'm 82!! I look at me three-year-old and wonder, will she have a love of history? Will she even care? I hope to pass on that love to her. It is nice in this busy world to step inside a museum, or even an amusement park that has been around forever and feel comfort and peace. Even as you rush to make your first class, think for just a moment of the students who were in that very same hall rushing to that very same room. It may make you pause and smile and remember.


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