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Refine those skills... Reignite your passion...

An artist who continuously dares to explore his surroundings.
An artist who continuously dares to explore his surroundings.
Wenxuan Wang

"There is no photographer on the earth that can do without refining their skills... unless complacency is the goal."

Just passing by.
Wenxuan Wang

Whether you are an old school photographer with many years of work experience and a constant photographic routine, or a newby on the block with endless ideas and energy, it is still ever-so-important to keep refining your skills, challenging yourself out of your comfort zones and finding thrilling new passions for photography.

Many a great photographer has dwindled, only because they have given in to their boredom. They have been doing the same thing, that they once loved and thrived on, for so long that the endless repetitive workflow has caused their creative energies to stop flowing and has led their excitement on a downward spiral. It shows.

A great way to refine your own personal style (or find a new one), and to hone in on your unique skills and share your own story telling is to bounce yourself off of other photographers with varying aptitudes and finesse in their own work. Sharing is caring and while many photographers refuse to share their tricks of the trade and unique creative qualities, there are many others just dying to commission you into their world of the photographic arts.

There is a constant flow of workshops going on in South Florida all the time.

Keep your photography love affair alive with some of these great upcoming workshops below.