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Referee is not a gambling cheat, says Juan Manuel Lopez

Lopez is sorry for his comments.

After getting knocked down and blistered by a combination of power punches courtesy of Orlando Salido, referee Roberto Ramirez Senior called it a night for Puerto Rican featherweight boxer Juan Manuel Lopez.

Though visibly wobbled and in no condition to continue against his Mexican rival, Lopez had some very series comments regarding Ramirez's performance following the fight.

"He is gambler," said Lopez. "He has a gambling problem."

Lopez implied that the fight was stopped early on purpose, to the financial benefit of Ramirez.

Call me forgiving, but Lopez had just been through ten physical rounds where he was hit in the head several times. Maybe Lopez was not in the state of mind to make rational comments following the fight.

None the less, the World Boxing Organization (WBO) - whose featherweigh title was on the line, decided to suspend Lopez from being ranked of fighting in a WBO sanctioned fight for one year.

Today, a week after the comments, Lopez apologized to Ramirez Senior.

“I saw the fight and really I was hurt. Roberto made a good job in stopping the fight. I apologize again to Ramirez and to all the fans in Puerto Rico and around the world", Lopez said.

It might be a little too late for Lopez to receive a pardon from the WBO, though the Puerto Rican fighter has bigger problems.

After losing to Salido twice in a twelve month period, by knockout, Lopez needs to find a manner in which to resurrect his once world-class status.


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