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Reese Witherspoon travels 1000 miles in first trailer to Wild

French director Jean-Marc Vallee has certainly made an impression in the movie world. Last year, Vallee helmed the drama Dallas Buyer Club; a biographical drama about Ron Woodroof . The film was not only garner as one of the best of that year, but the movie went off to be nominated for a variety of awards. This year it looks as those Jean-Marc wants a repeat performance of 2013 as he takes Reese Witherspoon into the unknown in the new film: Wild. Much like Dallas Buyers Club, the new drama is based on the true story of Cheryl Strayed. The story of Wild centers on Cheryl who has just lost her beloved mother. Being the last straw in array of life problems, Cheryl packs up and starts walking through the Pacific Crest Trail. Traveling over 1000 miles, Cheryl sees a new perspective on life and is able to carry on with her life.

The film is scheduled to hit theaters later this year, but to give you a taste, Fox Searchlight has released the first trailer to the upcoming drama. The trailer takes no delay in expressing the idea of the movie. The preview's first moments feature Cheryl traveling as we see various parts of her life flashing by as the trailer progresses. The preview features that the hardship Cheryl has gone through; both in her life and on her journey. If anything, it looks as though Reese Witherspoon is giving it 110% in her performance. Just by watching this trailer, you can tell this character is enduring and Witherspoon's performance could be something to keep an eye on later this year. As noted earlier, Jean-Marc Vallee may be attempting to repeat 2013 by turning Wild into another winner. However, if this trailer is any indication, perhaps we may see this drama hit the Oscar season and give the french director another major film on his resume.

What do you think of the trailer? Does Jean-Marc Vallee have another winner on his hand? Express your opinion in the comments below? Wild journeys into theaters on December 5th.

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