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Reese Witherspoon looks amazing in a barely hanging on bikini

She says not to diet or do fad diets, just exercise eat small healthy portions of foods and you will lose weight.
Photo by Araya Diaz/Getty Images

On Jan. 7, US Weekly showcased Reese Witherspoon’s sensational figure by getting a glimpse of the Oscar winner in a barely hanging on bikini. She is in amazing shape with not one flaw visible. Seeing her figure, you can’t help ask yourself, "Reese, what is your secret?"

Photos: Reese relaxing by the pool

Reese claims to get her rocking hard body,by working out often. She runs three miles a day and often alongside her husband, Jim Toth. She doesn’t believe in dieting, only eating well all the time. She works hard, and it shows. The 37 year-old actress and mother of three children looks fabulous.

She was in Hawaii with her husband, Jim Toth to attend the wedding of Hang over star Justin Bertha and personal trainer Lia Smith. According to the observers, when Reese landed in Hawaii, she immediately drank a few cocktails and appeared to be having a good time.

Reese wore several different bikinis, but all had one thing in common. She sported toned arms, six-pack abs and muscular arms with a tattoo on her hip bone. She has a curvy, ultra-fit physique.

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