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Reenactment of first land battle of the Civil War this weekend

Blue and Gray Reunion reenactment
Blue and Gray Reunion reenactment

The anniversary commemoration of the first land battle of the Civil War (June 3, 1861) will be held this weekend at Philippi, West Virginia in rural Barbour County.

The battle was relatively small with federal troops routing the Confederates and chasing them out of Philippi, which at the time was in rural western Virginia. (West Virginia became a state in 1863).

Highlights of the weekend events will be the reenactments on Saturday and Sunday, a parade, fireworks, choral concert, Civil War Ball, crafts show, and the reenactment of the Hanger limb amputation. James Hanger, member of the Churchville Cavalry CSA, was injured at Philippi and became the first amputee of the war. About 50,000 amputations followed. There will also be a lecture on Thursday night at the Philippi Public Library about Hanger’s legacy.

A full schedule of activities can be found at

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