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Reed shows poise in 8th straight win

Reed beats Mahasin
Reed beats Mahasin
Keystone Boxing

Social media has shown up again in a sporting event. "I heard through my friends in social media that he was saying he was going to get his first knock out, so I was not surprised when he stormed out of the corner in the first round", says Mike Reed. Reed won a unanimous decision over Bilal Mahasin, 4-1, from Oakland, California to improve his pro record to 8-0 at Rosecroft Raceway, promoted by Keystone Boxing.

Mahasin raced across the ring in the first round like he was Carl Lewis. Reed showed poise and soon had Mahasin backing up and taking powerful shots to his body and that continued through out the fight. Mahasin must not have researched Reed. If so, he would have discovered that Reed was a multiple amateur champion and has fought a tough schedule of fighters in his early pro career. It didn't seem that Mahasin knew that Reed was a south paw. He was constantly within Reed's left handed power and took some clean left hand leads to the body. However, that was not the fight plan for team Reed. "It was off the fly. The first time I hit him with a body shot, he grunted. He was big up top, but his legs were little. My trainer, my dad, saw it from the start of the fight and told me to work the body hard."

Reed is a young fighter that wants to learn something from each fight. In his last fight, he was not satisfied with the angles he presented to his opponent and thus got hit more than he would have liked. He wasn't quite satisfied with his angles on this fight either. "I still think I need to work on them a little more. I actually thought that I loaded up a little bit more than I normally do, because he was talking trash on social media and I wanted to take him out. I don't think he gave me the respect that I was due."

Match maker, Ross Molovinsky, put together a competitive card for Keystone Boxing. The closest fight was between DC native, Josh Davis and Joel Flores, from Hart, Michigan. That fight was action packed for 6 rounds. Davis won a split decision, only because he knocked down Flores in the last few seconds of the last round. Davis improved his record to 6-1, 3 KO's. Other winners were Charlie Natal, Marquel Johns, Larry Recio and Yurii Polishuck. Polishuck's opponent, Kevin Womack, Jr. was highly upset when the ref stopped the fight shortly after he got knocked down. There was some pushing between the fighters after the decision and police officers had to enter the ring to calm things down. Womack was still upset as he left the ring. Promoter Gene Momovinsky was kind enough to show local favorite, Dusty Hernandez-Harrison on the big screen from San Diego on ESPN. Hernandez-Harrison got off the canvas after a huge left hook put him on his back, to win a unanimous decision and stay unbeaten. Please subscribe and keep up with the local fighters that are moving up the ranks as professionals.