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Reed shines away from home

Mike Reed, 21, did not take his talent to South Beach, but he did take his talent to the beach on the board walk at Bally's Hotel and Casino and came away with a unanimous decision over Alberto Morales. All 3 judges scored the bout 60-53. Reed was fighting for the first time away from home as a pro and said he was not the least bit nervous, "Absolutely not. Once I am in that ring, I fight the same", says Reed. What was not the same, was his opponent. Morales was tall and came into the fight almost 3 pounds over the limit of 140.

"I think he was the toughest opponent so far. He was tall and very durable and strong, so all in all, yeah, he was the toughest", admits Reed. Morales,11-4-1, was a little tentative in round 1 and Reed established his intent to pound the body as he always does. Round 2 saw Morales get more aggressive and put some pressure on Reed, but Mike took over late in round 2 and steadily worked the body. Round 3 saw Reed use more combinations from the body to the head and back to the body. Fans could see Morales slow down a little. Reed, 10-0, 6 KO's, continued to press the action by smothering Morales and showed his best defense, by slipping punches and blocking most of what Morales was throwing. In round 5, Reed rocked Morales and sent him retreating across the ring and in round 6, Reed caught Morales with a left hook from the top. Morales never saw the punch and hit the canvas with a thud.

"I followed the game plan exactly. You heard dad stay "stay off the line", which means move my head and get off of that straight line." Ring side fans could also hear his dad and trainer, Mike Pinson say the words "Chop, chop" over and over. "It means to throw the counter punch as a high hook, which is the punch that knocked Morales down. Opponents have a hard time seeing that punch", says Pinson. Morales never saw that "high hook". "That punch comes from an unusual angle and it does a lot of damage", explains Pinson, who marveled at his son's defense. "I tell him if he doesn't get hit, he can do the damage that you see he can put on his opponent". Please subscribe and keep up with the undefeated Mike Reed

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