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Reed's Dairy: an ice-cream-lover's paradise

The Reed's Dairy delivery trucks are a familiar sight around Idaho Falls.
The Reed's Dairy delivery trucks are a familiar sight around Idaho Falls.
R. Scheunemann

A prominent landmark on the west side of Idaho Falls could seem to some out of place. It is, after all, a dairy farm. Flanked on nearly all sides by Idaho Falls suburbia (in addition to the regional airport), Reed’s Dairy could easily have been moved out of town or shut down due to nothing more than urban sprawl. The fact that it remains on West Broadway is a testament to its popularity with the local crowd and its famous hormone-and antibiotic-free dairy products, not the least of which is its delicious ice cream.

Reed’s is featured in national travel books, magazines, and websites as the place to get ice cream in eastern Idaho. Part of the reason may be that the dairy uses local cows from a closed herd. Owner Alan Reed asserts that this is the reason that the dairy’s milk is so good. Relying on their own cows, which they can be assured have never been treated with hormones or antibiotics, keeps the milk supply pure and healthy.

Ice cream lovers will also find that Reed’s offers an exciting variety of flavors. Huckleberry and cheesecake are some especially yummy choices, as are the traditional flavors of strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate. Cones are surprisingly affordable, and a single serving cone is a very ample size.

In addition to ice cream, Reed’s Dairy makes their own cheddar cheese, and the storefront serves grilled cheese sandwiches using this cheddar. Cheese curds, or "squeaky cheese" are another Reed’s specialty. Chocolate milk from the dairy contains one special ingredient that other national brands do not: potato flakes. These serve to make the chocolate milk extra-thick and rich.

Stop in and “support your local cows” as the dairy’s slogan encourages. With Earth Day quickly approaching, Reed’s Dairy is a great choice for supporting locally-grown, sustainable agriculture. Not only that, but the dairy bottles its half-gallons of milk in plastic, reusable containers which help to keep disposable containers out of the landfill.

The storefront and drive-thru are located at 2660 West Broadway in Idaho Falls. Hours are Monday – Saturday 8am-9pm. A local milk delivery service is also available. The dairy can be reached at (208) 522-0123.


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