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Reebok hopes bacon products will be shoe-in for low-carb Paleo and CrossFit fans

What's shakin? It's bacon.
What's shakin? It's bacon.
Donald Erickson / Getty Images

The determination to get more publicity can cause companies to do strange things. For an example, consider Reebok, the manufacturer of fitness shoes. They now have added bacon to their product line in what appears to be an attempt to woo Paleo dieters and CrossFit contenders, reported Fox News on July 25.

Because CrossFit followers often follow Paleo diets, Reebok packaged up its new product and distributed it to fans and athletes prior to the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games. The new product is free from all nitrates, preservatives, MSG and sweeteners. It's also smoked rather than cured, all of which should appeal to the caveman cuisine crowd who emphasize unprocessed foods in their diets.

Reebok answered the question of "What's shakin'?" by serving up bacon products during each day of the CrossFit games, reported SF Weekly on July 25. Selections included bacon-wrapped, chorizo-stuffed dates.

The bacon isn't available yet to the general public. However, the company has the product advertised on its Web site, with the mystical marketing slogan: "Reebok & Bacon - Together at Last."

While this mantra calls up images of bacon-woven shoe soles (which might be dangerous if you are running on a trail frequented by hungry dogs), they also have a second slogan: "We believe in bacon."

But do health experts believe in bacon? Dr. Terry Wahls is a physician who succeeded in reversing her multiple sclerosis symptoms by devising her own high fat low carb Paleo ketogenic diet.

In an exclusive interview, she described her belief in bacon. Each night she consumes cooked greens with "nitrate free gluten free bacon." Dr. Wahls also makes skillet meals by using bacon fat with vegetables and additional animal protein.

Also a believer in bacon is the creator of the "Smash The Fat" boot camp, Sam Feltham. One of his clients, Rhian Dickeson, revealed in an exclusive interview that she eats bacon each day.

"I have lost 25kg (55lbs) and eight inches off my hips and waist," she said. Her lunch: "I have a bun less burger with bacon and cheese and salad."

Other health experts advise using meat such as bacon more as a condiment than a main course. Dr. David Perlmutter, for example, in an exclusive interview, said "It's important to understand that the Grain Brain diet is not focused on the idea of '10 strips of bacon topped with a stick of butter' mentality."

Instead, "the Grain Brain program emphasizes lots of above ground, low starch vegetables, with the meat part of the meal being relegated to being the side dish or garnish. It's important to focus on low carbohydrate high-fiber vegetables, and make sure you're getting adequate amounts of healthful fat."

For those who still doubt the benefits of bacon, a 105-year-old woman recently announced that she credits her longevity to bacon. "I love bacon. I eat it everyday," said Pearl Cantrell in an interview with NBC affiliate KRBC.

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