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Reducing the stress of domestic cleaning in four steps

Domestic cleaning is possibly one of the most boring things to have to think about, but if you are not the type to want a cleaning service or a contract cleaner, then you will have to think carefully how you are going to reduce the stress and hassle that the cleaning puts on you. You will find that there are many ways to reduce the stress of cleaning, from strange tricks using lemon and baking soda, to getting the family to do the work for you, but over the next few steps you can see a way to divide, conquer and quicken up the process of cleaning, so that it becomes something that you hardly think about.

Firstly, there is the dividing part. If you think about it, the cleaning is made up of several smaller tasks, like vacuuming the living room, or doing the washing up. Whilst some people will do these all at the same time, like vacuuming the whole house, and do it every couple of weekends it is much better to do each one separately. You will find that if you divide the jobs and space them around other parts of your life, then the scarcity of the high quality cleaning will mean that its impact on your day to day will be much less than if you were to lump it together to try and get it out of the way. The fact is that you can’t get it out of the way, because dirt comes back, and it is an ongoing process.

Secondly, you need to regulate the jobs. As a continual process, you need to be cleaning continually. This does not mean doing the same job every day, but perhaps every week, or a little bit more often than that, every five days or so. This may sound like alto, but the fact is that when you clean this regularly, the dirt and dust does not get a chance to build up, and that will result in a situation where you are only having to wipe over a surface, throw the vacuum around quickly, in order to get the job done. The result is that your jobs take less time, and you can fit them in to places in the day when you would otherwise be doing very little, like the ten minutes where you are ready but you don’t need to go to work yet, or the twenty minutes when you get home, but your favorite TV program is not on yet!

In line with regulating the jobs, making sure that your cleaning equipment is up to scratch will mean that you are able to clean more quickly and efficiently. You don’t need to spend ages hulking a heavy vacuum up all your stairs if you only have small amounts of floor space, so get a lighter, more nimble one. Cordless vacuums are also a massive time saver.

Be aware that the way that you use your house will contribute to the amount of cleaning that you have to do as well. If you spill a little milk in the fridge it is easy to leave it, but if you leave it, then it will dry and turn sour and smell bad which means that it will be difficult to clean later on. If you were to wipe it away in a second, then the problem would be vanished, and the place would not be at risk of feeling dirty or smelly!

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