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Reducing eye strain when working from home

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People who spend much of their time on computers frequently have problems with eye strain. Take some time to care for your eyes, you want them to last a lifetime.

Some causes of eye strain:

  • Computer use
  • Reading
  • Watching television
  • Driving

Some ways to reduce eye strain:

  • Regular eye exams: get your eye exam annually. Catching a problem early aids in preventing further deterioration.
  • Proper lighting: work in a well lit room.
  • Minimize glare: If your computer screen is getting glare from outside consider closing the windows. Glare coming from an inside light source can be reduced by re-positioning the light, or by using a hood on your computer screen.
  • Adjust display settings: adjust the settings of your computer's display. Set them to a level comfortable for your eyes.
  • Blink: frequent blinking aids in moisturizing your eyes.
  • Look away: frequently look away from your screen for several seconds at a time.
  • Breaks: take frequent breaks where you get up and move.

Fresno resources:

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