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Reduce risk for cardiovascular disease in just a few minutes of running

Got a minute? Well, five to ten actually, but in that short amount of time you can significantly reduce your risk of death from heart disease. The caveat is that you need to be able to run that long, which for some of us is a feat in itself. Don’t stop reading you can do this.

Time to lace up your shoes and run
Clarita Morguefile

This is grand news from researchers at Iowa State University. Lead researcher DC (Duck-chul) Lee and his colleagues followed more than 55,000 adults for 15 years to identify the benefits of taking a run.

What they have discovered is that runners reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease regardless of “distance, duration and speed.” Leisurely running, at a slow pace of less than 6 miles an hour provides benefits. People who ran were 45 percent less likely to die from heart disease or stroke than people who did not run. These are impressive odds.

Five minutes. Ten minutes, people. You can do this. Now, if you have spent the last decade on the couch, don’t just run out the door and hit the pavement. Look here for some good advice. If you have a history of health problems, please visit your doctor first. You may need to begin with short walks in mild weather. Get some medical advice before you begin any exercise program, even if you think you’re healthy.

With news like this, every healthcare provider should encourage their patients to get moving. This is motivating news about an attainable health goal with tremendous life-saving benefits.

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