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Reduce cholesterol intake: Eat seafood

Resisting cholesterol, in 2014? It is okay to overlook the red meat, cheese, and egg sometimes. This year, consumers will practice fighting the infamous ‘pescaphbia’—the fear of fish.


What a Catch

Surprisingly, seafood does originate from a variety of regions. There are freshwater collections (i.e. tilapia and the legendary catfish) and saltwater selections (i.e. shrimp, salmon, and shellfish—particularly shrimp and mussels). Those choice fresh delicacies are well-known in most seafood restaurants, as well as to most sports fisherman—who now practice catch and release methods, rather than the total consumption of their prey.


Allocate the Right Recipe. As the New Year rings in, the curiosities of better health; extraordinary taste-bud teasers; and acquiring more immense cooking skills have moved up in the ranks. The next main objective is to exercise tactful purchasing techniques, as well as allocating the kinds of recipes that fulfill the acts of [recipe] preparation, in order to properly get things going.

Smart Seafood Buyers. Seafood falls into the same category (fish and shellfish). Normally, consumers aren’t forced to observe the heads and feet of most of the common meal makers (i.e. cows, pigs, etc.). In contrast, most seafood vendors offer seafood selections that are housed and displayed with the head portions intact (e.g. shrimp, lobster, crabs, fish, and the like).Therefore, seafood may be required to be observed within its simulated environment (a water tank).

Ultimately, fish/seafood dished can be prepared and cooking times vary from 20 minutes to an hour. And the most exciting part—besides taste tests—includes choosing the method to use, in order to accomplish a great meal. Choose from boiling; broiled; steamed; cured; microwaved; stir-fried; baked; braised; grilled; stuffed; smoked; and sautéed. Any of those choices pertain to an immaculate seafood entrée. Ease the fear of fish and give it a shot for New Years' health. See your doctor or practitioner to ensure you are not allergic before consumption.

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