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Redskins' Kirk Cousins is overrated

Kirk Cousins isn't going to start for any NFL team
Kirk Cousins isn't going to start for any NFL team
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Overrated, to overestimate the merits of; rate too highly

Such is the case of Washington Redskins back up quarterback Kirk Cousins.

Kirk Cousins is overrated. Drafted as a fourth-round pick in 2012, a total of three rounds after starter Robert Griffin III, Kirk Cousins expressed his willingness to be traded. Like any competitor, he wants the opportunity to compete and sitting behind RG3 doesn’t give him that opportunity.

As the Redskins shopped Cousins, they found what they expected…no one wants to give up a high draft pick.

Now, ESPN has reported the Redskins plan on keeping Cousins, although he’s clearly ready to leave.

“Nothing changes from the day I was drafted,” said Cousins. “There’s no chance to compete, so if I can’t get it in D.C., I’d be open to having that chance somewhere else.”

“I won’t lose a lot of sleep over the unknowns,” Cousins said. “If it doesn’t present itself, then I enjoyed being part of the Redskins and look forward to being with them. Until I’m told otherwise, I’m a Redskin and I expect to handle the role as No. 2 as best I can.”

The problem…we all saw what Kirk Cousins could do when RG3 was out and it wasn’t that impressive. It wasn’t worth a first round pick and with the talent that surrounds each team in the 2014 NFL Draft, why would a team take the chance on something they have already seen and aren’t impressed with.

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