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Reds' Brandon Phillips fouls up heckler with 'Dear drunk guy' signed ball

Brandon Phillips throws a signed baseball to a heckler. The ball is addressed to "Dear Drunk Guy!"
Twitter/ DatdudeBP

A heckler is as commonplace as a hotdog and a beer at a baseball game and each player has a unique way of handling the situation. Little did a heckler know that he was about to hit pay dirt with his disparaging words aimed at Cincinnati Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips.

Some players just ignore the heckler while others engage in a blow out of words towards the fan in the stand spewing off at the mouth. Phillips had something else in mind to throw back at the heckler in return for his rapid fire of criticism.

The New York Daily News reports on June 21, a fan turned heckler at the recent three game series in Pittsburgh this week eventually got around to making Cincinnati Reds Brandon Phillips his his target. Phillips was his second victim of that game.

The heckler first had Joey Votto , the first baseman for the Reds, in his sights. Apparently not getting the desired rise out of Votto, the heckler started on Phillips during a 30-minute rain delay, reports Fox Sports.

The heckling event was posted on a social network by the heckler's brother who said that his "drunk brother" got the crowd "chuckling" by first yelling to Votto, "Votto has feminine hips" and "Looks like Votto could easily birth twins." He also said that his "drunk heckler brother" is a Pirates' fan.

When first focusing his sights on Phillips, the drunk guy yells, "Hey everybody, look how slow Phillips is!" With very few fans in the stadium everything this heckler said was amplified as it echoed off the emptiness of the stadium, so Phillips heard this heckling loud and clear.

Phillips showed good sportsmanship, he was even seen laughing at something the heckler yelled out while out in the field when the game resumed. After the game was over Phillips walked over to the heckler with a signed ball that also had a personal message for the guy. The message said:

"Dear Drunk Guy, Thank You 4 All the Love & Support!! Now Take This Ball and Shut the Phuck Up!! :) From Yours Truly, Brandon Phillips”.

Phillips appeared to have made and instant friend out of the heckler with the two taking a selfie together before they departed. That ball is now a collector's item and could probably fetch a pretty penny at auction!

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