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Redneck Road Rage/Instant Karma: Road rage video posted by Florida woman

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A woman recorded an incident of road rage in which she was involved and posted it on social media’s YouTube for her co-workers to see. As social media sometimes goes, the video was seen by a few more people – make that well over six million people who have viewed the video on YouTube so far. The woman, however, as well as the man in the black truck who engaged in the road rage, is being criticized for her role in the incident, according to a variety of news reports including a report submitted by CBS News on Thursday night.

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The woman who recorded and posted the video which she so aptly called “Redneck Road Rage/Instant Karma” on a rainy day referred to the incident as just that - “instant karma.” The video shows a man in a black truck trying to get the woman to get over to the slow lane of traffic on the right so that he could forge ahead.

The woman says she couldn’t get over because of the vehicles in the other lane. However, it is apparent in the video that she may have had time to courteously get to the righ. Additionally, she sped up when the man in the truck finally tried to pass her on the right. The woman claims she sped up because the speed limit increased - and claims she wasn't engaging in and escalating the man's road rage.

After tailgating the woman, the driver of the truck was video recorded as he gave her the middle finger – just before he finally passed her up and cut her off. When he got over to the lane she was in, he spun out and crashed into a light pole. The woman kept recording as she laughed and said, “That’s what you get, buddy.”

The incident happened on a Tampa highway – US Highway 41 – where the driver took out a light pole that fell onto the roadway near Gibsonton Drive.

Reportedly, the woman pulled her vehicle over and waited for Florida Highway Patrol officers. While she waited, the driver of the truck took off. Obviously, authorities were able to track the man down due to the video which included a view of his license plate.

Long-story-short, Jeffrey White, the 33-year-old Tampa middle-finger-flipper, was found at his home and – due to the video – was charged with leaving the scene of a traffic accident, driving carelessly, and (for good measure) not wearing his seatbelt.



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