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This is where you go to get Red Neck certified in Nashville, TN

The Redneck Comedy Bus Tour-Nashville-slide0
The Redneck Comedy Bus Tour

Redneck Comedy Bus Tour

Our guide, Tater!
Amanda Garner

Tater, the guide, is hilarious! He was my favorite thing about the tour, and I'm sure he'll be yours too! Tater really makes this tour what it is. He's definitely the star of the show. You'll love him!

This is a comedy bus, so go on this tour if you’re looking to have fun and laugh till you pee your pants, not looking for a History lesson on downtown Nashville, although Tater gave us plenty of interesting information!

I thought the ‘art piece’ by the river was part of a roller coaster from Opryland Theme Park, it turns out, it’s a ‘music symbol’ if you look at it at the right angle. Hmmm...

I learned a ‘rectum’ were the cars you have wrecked, ha, ha.

Tater also filled us in on how the Northern women back in the day, were selling their diseased filled selves for money during the war, spreading their diseases to the South. The South did not take kindly to that. The dirty girls were kindly rounded up, and sent back…just to come right back.

We went by a naked karaoke bar where, I am sure, Tater must have gotten all of them dirty bras and underwear hanging all over the bus! Souvenirs, maybe? (Just kidding, Tater :) ) I don’t know, you’ll have to book your own tour and ask him!

If you’re interested in booking a tour, you can do that here, or call (615) 316-0014. Please note, on this bus tour:

  • It’s a COMEDY bus tour rated Pg-14, and I wouldn’t recommend bringing your young kids.
  • You CAN bring your own cooler of beer. It’s a 2 hour tour, with one stop. If you have to pee, there’s a toilet at the front of the bus :) but, you can’t use it!
  • If you get your feelings hurt easy, skip this tour. Tater makes the whole bus part of the show. If you’ve been with a woman for 3 decades, and haven’t married her like one gentleman on our tour, Tater may give you a new nickname, and it won’t be your certified stripper name like everyone else. It might be something like “Dick!”
  • Don’t forget your panti-liner if you suffer from leaky bladder. You’re likely to lose it from laughing so hard!

The tours run everyday, except Thursdays and Sundays, at 11 am, leaving from Nashville Palace, across from Opryland (free parking), and at 2 pm, and 4pm (Saturday’s only) from downtown.

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