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Redken Extreme products: Review

Redken Extreme products
Redken Extreme products
Redken Extreme products: Review

We had to share the Redken Extreme line of product with one whose hair can be an uncontrolled mass of frizz at times. As is clear, this wonderful woman does not read our articles. But, we digress.

Her issues include frizz, natural curl that neither looks good as curls and does not easily straighten out. She also battles gray hair. This often leave one with coarse and disobedient hair.

Now that our friend has come across Anti-Snap, she will be using it into infinity. She states rather passionately that nothing else works better for her hair type! She adds that her hair has a different texture after application and she loves it! It combs out easily too.

Received From Redken;

  • Extreme Anti-Snap (Leave-In Fortifier)
  • Extreme CAT (Strengthening Hairspray)
  • Extreme Strength Builder
  • Extreme Conditioner (Prevents Hair Breakage and Tangles)
  • Extreme Shampoo (Strengthens Damaged Hair and Split Ends)

Our overall impression is that the Redken Extreme line is another outstanding collection of products, designed to handle problematic hair situations. Redken never ceases to back up our belief in their products.

Redken products are best purchased at your local salon which can be found by logging on to Please note, Redken products can only be guaranteed authentic when purchased from a salon; however, select Ulta stores do sell Redken both in-store and online.

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