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Rediscover Santa Monica

Santa Monica Farmer's Market
Santa Monica Farmer's Market

Looking for something new to do? There are plenty of fun adventures to be had in Santa Monica, especially as the summer approaches.
This weekend go to the beach on Sunday morning, rent a bike and ride north towards Will Rogers Beach. You'll miss the crowds that block the boardwalk in Venice and you can watch the various activities that warm weather brings like Volleyball tournaments, soccer on the beach, surfers, and sunbathers. Stop at the new Annenberg Community Beach House for a coffee in their café on the beach and then ride north to the Santa Monica Farmer's Market.
Instead of shopping at the market, walk through and explore the many local restaurant vendors that set up stations at the Farmer's Market and order a delicious lunch of crepes, tamales, omelette's, pancakes, or baked goods. Grab one of the famous coconuts to sip from and take your food to the small grass covered park at the front entrance of the market and sit yourself down for a relaxing picnic while listening to the melodies of the live band.
Feel the wind in your hair again at the beach as you ride along, enjoy people watching at the beach house, and then experience the Farmer's Market in a new way. It will make you feel a true part of the community.