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Redhead teen sent home from school for 'distracting hair color'

An Alabama teen was sent home on the first day of school for having red hair similar to Carly Aquilino seen above at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards in April.
Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for MTV

Vibrant redheads are nothing new, as bright colors have become the hottest hair trend. However, one teen from Alabama was sent home on her first day back to school for “disruptive hair” "Good Morning America" reported Friday. If you or your child falls into a similar hair dilemma, read on after the report for quick and easy tips to follow school policy without damaging the hair.

According to WAFF 16-year-old Hayleigh Black was sent to the principle’s office before homeroom on the first day of school for not having a “natural shade of red.” The A/B Muscle Shoals student has been dyeing her hair this same shade of vibrant red for the past three years. But, this year school authorities decided to adhere to the code of conduct and send the member of the marching band home for a “disruptive hairstyle or color.” Apparently the high school principal had sent two other teens home for orange and pink hair color before Hayleigh Black, and wanted to remain “consistent” with his disciplinary actions. He suggested the redhead lose the color or go to a darker red.

The best and only way to quickly and effectively change one’s hair color to fit school policy is to visit a licensed hair care professional. A colorist could ensure the client remains red, while keeping within the school’s standards of having “natural human hair color.” Additionally, the salon service safeguards from the vibrant red popping through a box job done at home, therefore avoiding further disciplinary action or damage to the hair.

Hayleigh and her mother, Kim Boyd, agreed to change the redhead’s hair color so the student doesn’t miss additional class time, although they do not agree on the issue. View the photo of the redhead teen and judge for yourself. Do you think Hayleigh Black’s red hair was too vibrant and warranted the request to return home to change it?

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