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RedGorilla Music Fest in Austin to offer guests free shows along 6th Street

If you are headed down to Austin for SXSW you may want to check out some up and coming artists that will be playing at the RedGorilla Music Fest. Now in it's eleventh year running, Brian Waymire and the other Memphis founders have put together a spectacular music showcase all free that promises to deliver a diverse crowd of artists at your favorite 6th street venues.

Festivities started today and continue through March 15th at 8 PM every night. Starting on Tuesday check out the sounds of Mobley, Homestead and more at the Blind Pig located at 317 6th Street. Take a stroll along 6th street to the following venues for the RedGorilla Music fest shows at: Thirsty Nickel, The Alex and Ani Stage at the Bourbon Girl,The Chuggin Monkey, and The Dizzy Rooster. For the full schedule, see: RedGorilla Music Fest

In an interview with Brian, the RedGorilla Music Fest was started in 2002 with just four bands at the Chuggin Monkey with just three bands actually showcasing. An artist showcase of sorts by which the Austin area venues loved. Year after year the festival began to grow and get bigger and bigger, eventually expanding to 12 bands, then 27 bands and at an all time high in 2007 of 500 bands.

Representing every genre imaginable, you can catch stages of acts in folk, indie, hip hop, and more. Check out the Ampd stage for the hip hop acts and the built in DJ booth. A lot of bands that can't get into the official SXSW music lineup and so these showcases provide an opportunity for bands to play when all the action is going on around them.

The RedGorilla Music Fest is now in 10 other markets worldwide. I asked Brian, how do they gauge success? They do so by bartabs. When SXSW is in town and along with this festival, the bars will get four times as many opened bar tabs. Estimates say for the whole weekend, about 45,000 to 70,000 people would have made their way through 6th street.

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