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Redeveloping Old City Park and the Sutheast Corner of Main & Madison in Greenwood

Identified Area for Initial Redevelopment
At his State of the City Address in January, Mayor Henderson identified the first area for an Old Town
redevelopment initiative. The identified quadrant boundaries are:
Greenwood Public Library (south);
Meridian Street (east);
Main Street (north);
Madison Avenue (west); and
Machledt Drive intersects the area running east and west.

This area, currently, is a mix of business and park area. While the 2007-2027 Comprehensive Plan
identified Market Plaza as the possible “first phase” for redevelopment, there were several reasons why
the above quadrant was chosen:
1. The City of Greenwood currently owns Old City Park and some additional property on the north
side of Machledt Drive;
2. Due to Flood Plain issues, the creek running through Old City Park will play a key role in what
development can be done in other areas of Old Town (i.e. Market Plaza);
3. Old City Park is situated in close proximity to many cultural, recreational and educational
opportunities (i.e. Greenwood Public Library, the Greenwood Amphitheater, Our Lady of the
Greenwood, Greenwood Middle School, the Greenwood Community Center, etc.);
4. Key business-owners in the quadrant are desirous of selling their property; and
5. Commercial Developers are interested in this corner of Old Town.
The OTRC agreed that the redevelopment initiative is a multi-year endeavor and the identified quadrant,
due to the above reasons, initially stands the best chance for success. In addition, because the City of
Greenwood already owns Old City Park, redevelopment can proceed at a quicker pace and the impact to
taxpayers may be reduced.


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